I LIKE TAKING PICTURES. My home base is San Francisco, the heart of the Bay Area. This is my blog where I share the latest adventures in family photography sessions, photography play dates with the kids, and active outings in nature with the camera. I will post special events throughout the year for mini photography sessions and special photography deals so stay tuned right here...»

Photography Portfolio

MY FAVORITE CLIENT is joyfully hosting an event, an eager parent-to-be, a sweet newborn, or a family wanting photography to preserve a moment in time. Whether you or someone you know are expecting a baby, throwing a birthday party, or just going to the park in the Bay Area, we can customize a session, even if it's just for the fun of it. Click here to see examples of my photography work...»


ON A MORE PERSONAL NOTE, I relish all things family, travel and design which I will share with you here. I especially enjoy blending various media like sewing and graphic design or cooking and photography. I design card, invitation, announcement and album graphics and would love to collaborate with you if you see something that sparks your interest! Click here for design, travel and personal blog posts...»
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