A + R {} Engagement Session

Engagement & Couples Photographer {San Francisco, Ca}

Such a cute couple who immediately let me know they are geeky and shy but who would guess from these amazing shots of them!?  I really enjoyed getting to know these two over our photography date down at Fort Mason and the Cannery Building.  He is moving here in a month and she just graduated and works here in San Francisco.  Happy moving and settling in here and I wish you both all the best in your new adventure together!  I left these two to their laptops at the bar and had to grab a couple departing shots. Enjoy!

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Ashley + Kevin {} Engagement Photography Session, SF

Engagement Photographer {San Francisco, Ca}

Ashley and Kevin came out to Fort Mason along with Kevin’s sister, Jenn, for backup support.  We tromped and laughed our way around Fort Mason to get some classic San Francisco scenes to document this exciting time in their lives.  Their adorable pups were excited to be a part of it too!  Trying to get both of them to look the same way and wear chalkboards around their necks was a challenge that took all of our efforts to keep their attention away from the birds, the sand, the water, and other dogs nearby.  You wouldn’t know it was such a struggle with the calm affection and smiles in this lovely couple’s faces!  I think the drink mid-session didn’t hurt the happy ambience of our fun afternoon :)  Cheers and congratulations on your engagement, Ashley and Kevin!

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Redwood Hike {} Felton, Ca

Photo Designs by Odessa

Kim and I ventured down south for a little getaway over the weekend and I thought I’d share some of the beauty of the redwoods we found. I kept thinking a little elf or fairy would pop out of the many little arched openings at the base of the trees! Also noteworthy was the way these gentle giants grew from separate trees up, up and eventually found another and merged into one thirty feet off the forest floor. The sunlight, the shadows, and the softness under our feet were incredibly humbling. Here is a link to all 20 photos if you want to see more.  Enjoy your rainy weekend!

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Congratulations Corinne + Accursio! {} Wedding in San Diego

San Diego Wedding

Kim and I attended this gorgeous wedding this weekend in San Diego for our dear friends, Corinne and Accursio.  Corinne officiated our wedding a year and a half ago so it was wonderful to celebrate them all weekend.  The day was dreamy!  With perfect warm and sunny skies, the setting on the hill at the beautiful home of Richard and Kate was perfectly situated for the celebration. Friends and family danced and mingled through the night as Venus and Mars rose on either side of the moon over the house.  It was pretty magical!  Here are a couple shots I took of the newly wed couple at sunset.

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U.K. Relatives Visit S.F. {} Family Photography Session

Family Photography Session {San Francisco, Ca}

I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with this beautiful family in San Francisco last week.  I’m going to post a couple blog posts with this session because there were so many cute shots and it was a larger group.  Part 1 is the family of three who live here.  I and P mentioned they hadn’t had their photo taken together in 5 years so they got together for the camera and the resulting photos are lovely!  Can you tell what their favorite color is?  And those eyes!  Stay tuned tomorrow for Part II: Visiting Family From the U.K.!  

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Katie + Mike {} Engagement Session


Katie and Mike are wonderful!  They are serious Giants fans so what more beautiful and fun place than AT&T Park for their engagement shoot?  They swooned over each other while I got these sweet shots showing off their fun loving sides and their love for each other.  I wish you both all the happiness in your wedding planning, execution and forever after!  Enjoy!

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The Nelsons {} Maternity Photography Session

Maternity Photography

Remember the “It’s a Girl!” cake with pink frosting from a previous post?  Well, that same little girl has been doing some growing and her parents are here to show her bump off.  Little Nelsie’s first photo session was full of laughs, high fives, and proud expectant parent smiles.  Love it.

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Sheila + Keith {} Wedding Photography

Sheila & Keith Wedding

Sheila is my beautiful sister-in-law and a stunning bride! Keith is the wonderful man of her life and now my brother-in-law. What a vibrant, relaxed celebration they created in Slim (Sheila’s dad) and Penelope’s backyard. With the warm sun and light breeze, the day could not have been better to evoke the feeling of being in Hawaii. Sheila imported leis from Hawaii and decorated tables and surrounding stone walls with sea shells, star fish, sea glass, and brilliant turquoise and orange pops of color. Family joined Sheila and Keith as they exchanged leis in their ceremony officiated by Sheila’s best friend from growing up, Kirstin. Sheila’s best girl friends hosted a bridal brunch, showering her with gifts, food, champagne, and last minute advice from a hilarious little book called “Don’ts For Wives” before the festivities began so she could get ready amongst her closest friends. We all included some photos and sentiments in a beautifully crafted home made album for her to always remember her girls by. Every part of this wedding was incredibly meaningful to the couple and to their families.

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Gender Reveal Party! {} Event Photography Session


It’s a new kind of party in my book.  And oh so fun!  There was barbecue, beer, friends… and CAKE!  The cake was not just any cake as John and Sarah had their doctor write the gender of their baby on a secret little piece of paper.  With paper in hand they ventured to Noe Valley Bakery to have the bakers bake them a special cake, coloring the frosting on the inside pink for girl and blue for boy.  When the eager parents’-to-be cut into the cake in front of friends and family, we all found out “It’s a girl!” together.  Cheers to their healthy and sweet baby girl!

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Eliot & Sarah {} Couples Photography Session


I love the colors and architecture in this series.  Sarah and Eliot, dear friends of ours, got a mini session before we left Yale and I just got around to posting this. I would say they are super photogenic, no?  Enjoy!

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