Family Photography Portfolio

It’s all about you and your favorite people!  I strive to forget about the “cheese” smiles.  Sometimes kids do show up with the bow perfectly tied, ready to sit, smile or do what I ask of them for a photograph but more often than that, they are remembering the last photography shoot and dreading it with heavy feet and pouty smiles.  I encourage them to be themselves with me and many times can get great responses with a diversity of activity within the shoot.  I try not to force them to sit and smile for the whole session but encourage them to make faces, run away from the camera, and do things that are more grown up than they are normally accustomed to.  I treat kids as individual people with their own thoughts and needs and in turn get their complexities caught on camera.  This is a unique time in your life and I am looking forward to working with you !  Call or email me today to book your next family play date!



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